Zapier: we made life easier for you!

Zapier: we made life easier for you!

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by Max

Good news! From now on you no longer have to manually process incoming leads, but new requests are processed immediately for you. At Pliek we offer you the option to send all your leads directly via Zapier. You have access to more than 2,000 apps that are going to make life easy for you.

For those who do not know Zapier yet, I will explain more about what they do. It may seem a bit unclear, but I will clarify this by giving a few examples.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an automation service that works on the basis of rules. There are triggers and actions attached to each rule. As soon as the relevant trigger is activated, the relevant rule is addressed and action is taken.

To create a rule, you have to choose a web service that the automation service monitors. Then you specify a trigger that will be addressed as soon as new information is available or as soon as something changes. And as the last step, you specify what the action should do with the information obtained.

The following example will provide more clarity:

  • Trigger: The lead form is completed
  • Action: The automation service receives the registration and checks whether it is a new lead, for example by checking the email address.


  • Trigger: A ticket is assigned to me via Zendesk.
  • Action: The automation service sees that it is a new ticket and will reassign it to me in Slack.

How do I link Pliek to Zapier?

You will receive a unique code from us, which you pass on to Zapier. You can find this code in your account. For more information, I can refer you to our help center.

All in all, you will save time which you can spend on more important things. Instead of manually processing your requests, you can now focus on the growth of your organization. Have fun and good luck!

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