Top 6 tips to build trust

Top 6 tips to build trust

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by Max

It is a hectic day and you are deep in thought. Whilst walking and texting you’re walking through the living room with your phone. You don’t pay attention and you trip over the dog. Fortunately, the dog is fine, but your phone has fallen to the ground. With any doubt, you pick up your phone and hope it’s okay. Screen broken. Broken into thousands of pieces. That will be ordering a new phone.

In your search for a new phone, you will come across dozens of suppliers. Some are cheaper, while others are more expensive. One supplier will get you free shipping costs, the other one offers affordable insurance in case your screen breaks. However, the thought runs through your head “Will I get my phone delivered or will I be scammed?”

A logical thought. Back in the days, when you still went to a physical store, it was a lot easier. You received an explanation from the seller and immediately received your phone at the checkout. Now, in most cases, your products will be delivered the next day. However, it also happens that you do not receive anything at all.

Tips to build trust

Not only major organizations such as or eBay can do the magic trick. By means of the tips in this article, you can contribute to a higher conversion rate on your site.

Professional appearance and design

You can only make a good impression once. It is therefore important to have a good design for your website. Maintain these too. Differentiate yourself and try to keep up with the latest trends.

Make sure your texts are written without spelling and grammar errors. Correctly written texts also contribute to the professional image you need. You can use for instance tools like Grammarly, Ginger, or Hemingway. These check for spelling, word choice, common mistakes, punctuation, and whether texts are written too complex.

Customer reviews

Visitors value the experiences of other customers. Have you kept your promises? Did the order arrive on time? How was the communication from customer service? And of course not to forget: what are the experiences with the purchased product. To bundle and publish all these experiences, you can for example contact TrusPilot, Kiyoh, or Medallia.

Video product reviews

In addition to the customer review, there is another way to inform your customers. Using the power of video reviews. Take the viewer with you and tell them more about the products you’re selling. Or let your customers share their experiences. There are a lot of options out there but have a look at Vimeo, Stamped, and Ziflow.

Activity on social media

Do you have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account? Maintain it. Post content regularly. Depending on your target group, this can vary from a few times a week or several times a day. But keep in mind that in addition to positive responses, you can also receive negative responses. It is extremely important that you respond positively to this. Not only the person who posted the message watches, but also your followers and visitors. Important to realize that negative messages can even be very positive, depending on how you deal with it. Customer service is central to many organizations and shows that you are able and willing to help your customers.


Joining an organization that stands up for consumer disputes can be a good move. These organizations are committed to your customer in case of disagreement. In this way, you show that you are willing to work according to the guidelines of this organization and that you are accepted as a member. This radiates confidence and sometimes gives that final push. At Certified Shop they can advise and supply you with the correct certifications.

Social proof

With the use of powerful social proof tools such as a ‘review widget’ you can show random customer experiences. By using a ‘latest conversion’ tool you can inform visitors about the purchasing activity of other customers. In addition to using these tools, you can also use a multitude of other social proof widgets. Take a look at our other notifications and see what there is in store for you!

In conclusion, the most important thing is that you deliver to your customer what you have agreed on. The above tips are only for assistance and you are responsible for the final result. Keep your agreements and ensure the ultimate sound experience. Remember, a bad experience outweighs a positive one. Knows how to bind the customer to you and there is a good chance that he will come back!

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