How to increase your conversions

How to increase your conversions

by Mark

An important aspect when running an online marketing campaign is often forgotten: conversion rate optimization or CRO.

How many visitors actually convert to paying customers? In most cases, this is the goal of a marketing campaign.

But how do you increase this percentage? For example, are you going to test A/B or are you having an external party run through the user-friendliness of your website? This is a time-consuming and often costly approach. The use of sales notifications is often forgotten. By using the correct notifications you can increase the conversion by an average of 17.4%.

Boost your conversions

Use of sales notifications

Sales messages come in all shapes and sizes. This includes displaying the latest purchases from reviews. These widgets motivate visitors to make a purchase. The use of a WhatsApp widget or a lead collector ensures faster contact with your visitors.

Would you like to draw more attention to offers? Then put in a special offer of countdown widget. Easily create FOMO. You don’t want to miss that one offer yourself, right?

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