Fear Of Missing Out

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by Max

Since the rise of social media, the fear of missing out has grown many times over. We are constantly updated by acquaintances and strangers. They share their successes, holidays, happy relationships, and many other great stories. Lives of others are shared and liked by giving a thumbs up! But are these lives of others really that perfect? I am pretty sure that arguments with your partner and other daily struggles won’t be shared that easily as a perfectly baked cake.

For instance, when you have to decide to go to your favorite festival or daily chores the decision is quite easy for most of us. But also other decisions such as going out with friends, or an evening on the couch to watch your favorite Netflix series.However, investing in an upcoming tech-company is also an opportunity you don’t want to miss. It could give you that bit of success that could make the difference in the lifestyle you want to achieve.

People who have this behavioral trait are also called maximizers. You have the constant need to get the most out of life and not let anything go before you. They are prone to choice stress. What if I make a wrong decision? This can even lead to anxious and depressed feelings. The consequences of FOMO can be noticed in fatigue, sleeping disorder and stress.


But how do I avoid all distractions and the influences of others? It is difficult to completely shut yourself off from all unsolicited information services. Therefore we like to use the term JOMO: Joy Of Missing Out. Be part of this new way of missing out. With a few little adjustments, you can achieve a less stressful life and a lot more free time.

  • Remove unnecessary apps that take up a lot of your time;
  • Spend the time you normally spent on social media on a lagging hobby;
  • Call that forgotten friend to catch up. Meet more often with others;
  • Go outside more often and enjoy the beauty there is to see.

Making positive use of FOMO

As an entrepreneur, you can also use FOMO to persuade your visitors to make a purchase that they may not be aware of. Tools that you can use for this are offers that are only valid for a certain period of time. When you don’t buy this once in a lifetime offer, there is a chance that the product will be more expensive. Or even will no longer be available.

At Pliek we have designed the ‘countdown collector’ and the ‘special offer’ for this. These tools ensure that the visitor sees your offer and is tempted to make a purchase. For more information about these handy and smart FOMO notifications, you can take a look at the overview page of these widgets.

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