Am I committed to a subscription?

Am I committed to a subscription?

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by Max

We offer high-quality service and a user-friendly platform, should we really offer you a contract?

Are there any strings attached to my subscription?

Well, that’s a good question and I can be really straight forward with you: no we don’t have any small letters and definitely no contracts. The reason why we don’t use contracts is that we don’t like them ourselves. So why should we bind you to a contract? We prefer to offer you a high-quality product that will make you a customer for life. That does make sense, right?

So what do we offer

We offer a monthly subscription which you can cancel anytime. You can start today and use the platform for a couple of days and cancel our service. Because our service is a prepayment service you can use the remaining days of your monthly subscription. We won’t charge you the upcoming period, but keep in mind that you won’t be able to access your campaigns and won’t be able to run them.

Do you regret canceling your subscription? Of course you do! We will welcome you back as nothing happened! Even all your data is saved in case you would change your mind. 

Why do I need a subscription?

In the article How do I get charged I’m explaining to you more about why we have subscriptions and we charge a monthly compensation. 

A quick summarize for you
  • You are free to go, no contract or whatsoever;
  • We offer a monthly subscription which you can cancel anytime;
  • Your campaigns will be saved and kept safe because we know you won’t be gone for long.

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