How do I get charged?

How do I get charged?

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Bills bills bills, we’ve got to pay them all. And so do we at Pliek.

Why do I have to pay?

Well you don’t have to pay for our service, we offer a free plan {link to free plan}. This plan had its benefits but also its downsides. The biggest benefit is that it’s free! And you can use all our widgets without any limitations. Although there are a limitation on the amount of impressions {link to impressions} and you will always have our beautiful Pliek branding.

Do you want more impressions and have the possibility to choose if you want or don’t want our branding? Then you’re ready for our paid plans! 

Read more about our plans {link to plans}.

Where do I pay for?

Our development and customer service team is every day busy to make sure you can run your campaigns. But we’re also busy to improve our platform to give you the experience you deserve. For example designing new templates and  adding new notifications to our list. Have you seen all our widgets? {link to all notifications}

What are the payment methods?

Currently we only charge your credit card. When you selected our pay per widget subscription {link to subscriptions}, you will get charged on the 1st of every month. 

Do you have a subscription with all our widgets? Then we will charge your credit card the day you started paying for our service. Of course after your free trial has ended. 

Our service is prepayment. So you will be billed for the upcoming month. 

In a nutshell:
  • We charge your credit card, there are no other payment options for now;
  • Pliek is a prepaid service;
  • We only charge your credit card once a month.
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