What is an impression?

What is an impression?

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Depending of your subscription, you have a certain amount of impressions. Every time your notification is displayed, counts as one impression.

O no, I don’t have sufficient impressions!

And what if I reach the limit of my monthly impressions or when I don’t have sufficient impressions for the campaigns I’m advertising for?

No worries! You can easily upgrade your account to a higher plan. This prevents that your campaigns will be shut down.

But will you notify me when I reach my monthly amount of impressions? Of course we do! We will send you an email to inform you when you used 75% of your impressions. You will find a link in it and have the possibility to upgrade your account.

And what if miss this email or won’t upgrade my account? We will notify you again by email when you reached the limit of your impressions. The consequence of not upgrading your account will result that all your running campaigns will be stopped for the remaining period.

So for example when you didn’t upgrade your account and you reached your monthly limit on the 28th of April, your notifications will be shown again on the 1st of May.

What is our advice to you?
  • Choose the right subscription which suits your needs;
  • Don’t let your campaigns be shut down;
  • Don’t forget to upgrade on time to a higher subscription.
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