Is Pliek GDPR compliant?

Is Pliek GDPR compliant?

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by Max

Let me tell you everyting about how Pliek is handling your and your customers data.

Pliek is completely GDPR compliant

As for embedded widgets, we don’t use cookies on the websites of our users. The only thing we do use on the websites of our users is a browser`s Session Storage that is being cleared each time a user closes a browser or a tab where a widget was shown.

How do I ensure that my company remains GDPR compliant?

For all our widgets that receive personal information, you have the possibility to enable the checkbox which a customer needs to check before sending the form. This way, you ensure that your company remains GDPR compliant as the customer agreed on your terms and usage of their personal information.

Builder where you can enable and edit the checkbox.
WIdget with the chechbox enabled
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