Can I use your service for free?

Can I use your service for free?

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by Max

We have a present for you!

We like honest and sincere information

For those who would like to experience the benefits of our widgets, we’ve created a free plan. There are almost no limitations. Almost none.

All our widgets are free to use. We like to give you an insight into what we have to offer. You can add as many domains as you want. There are also no limitations on the campaigns you can run. But what are the limitations?

  • limited in impressions
  • fixed Pliek branding
  • no Zapier integration 

This free plan is especially for you: small business owners. Sign up and get started straight away! {link to sign up for free}

Is it possible to upgrade to a paid plan?

There are definitely paid plans. These plans are for organizations with a larger amount of visitors. Also for these plans, we have a free testing period. We like to give you the opportunity to test our service and when you convinced yourself of the benefits of Pliek, you can become a happy and paying customer.

A quick recap
  • We offer a free plan
  • There’re a couple of limitations
  • You can upgrade to a paid plan without limitations
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