5 Ways to Boost Landing Page Engagement

5 Ways to Boost Landing Page Engagement

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by Sjoerd

Creating and designing landing pages is often rocket science these days. You want a landing page that really converts, with a nice design, and one that does all the work for you. There are lots of ways to apply all different strategies that you find online, but in this blog, I will mention the main 5 ways to bnoost your landing page engagement. They will work, I promise.

5 ways to boost landing page engagement
5 ways to boost landing page engagement

1. Get rid of all your copy

I know, it’s not easy to create real original content for your site, but using copies is the #1 killer for your page(s). You need to get rid of all copied texts and images and use ones you created yourself. In some cases, it’s not possible to use original images, for those specific cases you can rename the file and add some relating title, alt-tag, and description. This strategy works best for businesses that sell visual products. And last but not least, make sure there is a proper call to action on your landing page!

2. Provide a clear offer

This one seems obvious, but is in fact a common mistake. With many landing pages, the offer is not clear what causes the potential customer to leave your site without taking any action. Then this ensures a negative high bounce rate, which is not good for your SEO ranking.

Provide a clear and well-arranged offer on your landing page so that your visitor immediately knows what he can do with your product or service, and why he really cannot miss it in his life. You want to emotionally involve your potential customer in your product or service. Make sure he starts to experience positive emotions while viewing your landing page.

You want to make your customer feel that you admire them, you want to admire them, make them enthusiastic, and make them feel smart. Think about the ultimate goal of your target audience and make it your headline.

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