Can I adjust data to give fake information to my visitors?

Can I adjust data to give fake information to my visitors?

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Would you really lie to your potential customers?

We like honest and sincere information

So that’s why we developed a couple of widgets that will provide your visitors with sincere data. These notifications will inform your potential customers with honest information and will lead to more conversions.

You can think of the review widget or the latest conversion widget. Both of these widgets will inform your visitors with data collected from customer experience or purchasing behavior. The result of integrating these will widgets will lead to more conversions. Give it a try!

We have written a tutorial on how to use these tools. Just follow the link and let us show you how to set up these campaigns. {link}

The power of social proof

People are interesting creatures. We like to copy each other behavior. So when we see an acquaintance who bought that new watch, dress, pair of shoes or a car, we get intrigued. Something happens in our mind and we need to have that too.

Robert Cialdini wrote in 1984 his book Influence to describe the psychological and social phenomenon. A very interesting book and definitely worth reading. 

To persuade your visitors with offers they can’t resist, you need to have notifications which trigger their attention. And here comes the handy part: we designed, per widget, multiple templates which will satisfy all your needs. Still not finding what you’re looking for? You can adjust the template to your needs.

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